At Azzurro we treat every customer as an individual, listen to their requirements and then our technical team will evaluate what the correct machine is based on those needs.
Once we have established your requirements, we will contact our network of manufacturers to ensure that we have the correct solution for you. At Azzurro we not only provide equipment, we also offer lease to buy options and machinery rentals.

Coffee Machines

There are brands, products, factories that mysteriously mark the collective consciousness of our times. La San Marco is in fact one of those names that awaken the recollections of espresso coffee lovers.

Our founder, Sandro Formisano, was the first person to bring LSM
to the UK and we have experienced, first hand, the many integral
milestone technologies, that La San Marco, have spearheaded
across the globe. Today, we believe La San Marco continue to
produce the most efficient and reliable coffee machines worldwide,
and are proud to supply these machines as part of our portfolio.

In the historical winged-lion mark, technical problem-solving and
design are not only tradition but a daily reality, a constantly
renewing experience. This is the spirit expressed in the work of the
designers and technicians who conceive, study and build the La
San Marco espresso coffee machines.

Since 1920, the La San Marco machines have marked the historical
milestones of this century, developing with uninterrupted continuity
the technology and performance of the field; a brilliant Italian name
that has successfully exported the great espresso tradition all over
the world, now through a consolidated organisation and an efficient
commercial network, La San Marco is positioned among the top
ranks of world manufacturers of espresso coffee machines.


Eureka is a leading company in the design and production of coffee dosers featuring elegant and technologically innovative designs.

Without changing the historic reliability of every one of its products,
Eureka wants to be the benchmark company for innovation in the
grinder and doser sector.

Eureka offers a wide range of professional coffee grinders, ideal for
any type of coffee, productivity and budget. The company’s
certificates allow it to operate worldwide, guaranteeing full
compliance with the laws in force together with the quality of a
product wholly “Made in Florence”: reliable, great to look at and
easy to maintain.

Our aim is to guarantee the best possible grinding to bring out all of
the aroma of Italian and other world coffees. Italian design and
technology and a passion for coffee: this is Eureka, since 1920!

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