A great way to maintain coffee sales throughout the summer months,
providing that caffeine boost we all look for, without the heat of a hot drink.


Sweeten up a hot drink with a shot of our delicious, flavoured syrups.


Smooth and sweet in flavour, Zuma Original, our classic hot chocolate, boasts all of the flavours of a top-quality milk chocolate bar.

However, for those looking for a sweet treat with a twist, we also stock a range of Zuma’s more unusual flavours, such as the rich and aromatic Dark Hot Chocolate and creamy White Hot Chocolate

With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans – Zuma is your one stop hot chocolate shop – offering something to suit everyone.


Granulated sugars and sweeteners to make that perfect cup, even more perfect.
For some, a good cup of coffee is made great with a little bit of sweetness.


Sweetbird smoothies are fantastically fruity and remarkably refreshing.
Made using real fruit purée in 8 sensational flavours.


Our cups and crockery are great quality and made to withstand heavy use in your busy café or restaurant.
Available in a range of sizes and styles, we’ve got you covered for both sit-in and takeaway customers.


We also appreciate the importance of marketing and brand association so with our range of brand support you are able to make the most of the trusted Azzurro brand.